Channel Nine

channel nineAustralian television broadcasting has a rich history. One of the most significant channels in the history of establishing and continuing Australia’s original broadcast industry is the Nine Network. Being one of the most popular channels in the history of Australian broadcasting has helped to make channel 9 a significant player in Australian culture. This channel has been there for many of the most important events in national and international history and over the years, they have delivered some of the most memorable moments in Australian television.

While being best known for their coverage of news and current events, the Nine Network actually covers a wide range of programming genres. They broadcast many of the world’s most popular sporting events and they offer a great selection of entertainment programming, including shows that are produced nationally and internationally.

Though test broadcasts and occasional programming had appeared in Australia before the launch of the Nine Network, this channel was the first commercial television company to offer regular programming in Australia. The channel’s first transmission was on September 16, 1956 and the first program was This is Television. Following the early years of Australian television, Nine Network established itself as the most popular network in the country. The network’s years at the top spot ran from 1977-2006 and they still enjoy a position as one of the nation’s most popular broadcast networks.

In recent years the Nine Network has lost the #1 spot in Australian broadcasting, but they still offer a range of programs that are highly popular amongst the public. Between having their own original programming, major sporting events and some of the best shows from overseas, the Nine Network looks to remain one of Australia’s television leaders.

The Seven Network

channel sevenOne of the major players in the history and modern landscape of Australian television is the Seven Network. This channel is one of the first commercial broadcasters introduced on the Australian market and they have been one of the industry leaders ever since. In the early days, the Seven Network had a reach that was limited to the Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan regions. However, their more recent national scope has helped them to become one of the most expansive stations in the country.

The history of the Seven Network can be traced back to 1956 when they were issued one of the first commercial broadcast licenses in the country. The channel was officially launched on November 4, 1956 as HSV7 in Melbourne. It later formed content deals with a variety of stations around the country to provide programming to a wider audience. Eventually, the Seven Network took ownership of channels around Australia and the network has risen to be one of the most popular in the country.

For many years, the Seven Network held steady as the second most popular service provider in the nation. Then in 2007 it was able to take over the top spot from its rival, the Nine Network. The long term and current popularity of channel 7 can be attributed to a few key factors. They carry some of the country’s most popular sporting events and they also produce some of Australia’s favorite original programming.

The Seven Network currently reaches more Australian homes than any other free to broadcast station in the country. They have managed to stay on the cutting edge of technology by offering HD channels and internet programming. With their advancement into new broadcasting technology and their spirit of innovation, the Seven Network does not appear as though they are going to be giving up their spot at the top of Australian broadcasting any time soon.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation

channel twoWithin the history of Australian broadcasting, there are few entities that have had an impact that would compare to that of the ABC. Starting off in radio back in the 1930s, the ABC was also one of the nation’s first television broadcasters. ABC television is a state funded enterprise, but the network does have editorial independence. Being state run and having a national and international reach, the ABC television network is one of the most popular in the industry.

ABC television was one of the first TV stations to offer programming on the Australian market. The first transmission that the network made was a news bulletin on the evening of November 5, 1956. While not having the same level of popularity that some of the commercial networks have had, ABC television is a staple of Australian broadcasting. With programs that range from news to current events, educational programming, general entertainment and children’s shows, the network has been able to maintain its spot as one of the nation’s major free to broadcast channels.

The current body of the ABC television division provides a diverse range of programming. ABC1 is the flagship station of the group, but the network does offer additional programming on its sister networks. With a 24 hour news channel and the nightly local news being offered around the country, news and current events have become a cornerstone of the ABC programming model. The group has also expanded its programming into the online sector to help expand their reach and availability.

When it comes to Australian broadcasting, the ABC has played a pivotal role in the formation and maintenance of the industry. Between radio programming, TV and the internet, this broadcasting corporation reaches Australians of every demographic group. For programming that covers everything from drama to comedy, news and learning, there are few stations that offer the wide range of programs that the ABC television group does.

Professional indemnity insurance and media professionals

channel tenThe media industry in Australia includes a wide range of professionals that all engage in very demanding careers. For many of these professional individuals, there are some financial risks that come with their jobs. To mitigate some of the risk that comes with the job, many of these professionals will seek insurance protection. Professional indemnity insurance is a policy that will protect these individuals and businesses from claims against their professional conduct.

Within the media industry there are many professions that can take advantage of this type of coverage. From publishers to media consultants, printers, graphic designers, public relations consultants and more, companies such as Professional Indemnity Insured provides coverage for a wide range of professions in the media.

Most of these media professionals are hired because they have a certain area of expertise or a special skill set that makes them valuable to the media company that they work for. Many of these jobs come with a high level of responsibility and a mistake could cost your clients a significant amount of money. If a client feels that a professional failed to meet the standards of their profession and in doing so, caused them to suffer some form of loss, they might decide to file a financial claim to recover their losses. In these situations, it is especially important that the professional is covered by an insurance policy.

With professional indemnity insurance quotes, media professionals can do their jobs without the worry of a potential lawsuit costing them large sums of money or keeping them busy with time consuming litigation. People who work in the media industry can take advantage of online resources to help them shop for professional indemnity insurance. With websites that offer information on coverage and free quote finders, consumers can find a policy that suits their needs with no problems.

Business insurance and the Australian media

Business Insurance in AustraliaCompanies that work in support of Australian TV and journalism offer a wide range of services to the media industry. Just like any other business, there is some potential for financial risk involved with working in these fields. For many of these companies, different types of business insurance will be necessary to protect against the potential for financial loss. Having will allow companies that work in the Australian TV and journalism sector to focus on their work without having to stress about the unexpected.

The market for business insurance in Australia offers a great selection of products that can appeal to a variety of media professionals. In many situations, a company will need certain types of coverage to meet the legal requirements of working in their trade. However, even if a type of coverage is not mandatory, it might be necessary to protect the assets of the company against financial loss.

Businesses that work in Australian television and journalism can benefit from many of the different types of coverage. Policies that are available to these companies include professional indemnity insurance, public liability, life insurance, asset coverage and income protection policies. For many businesses it will also be possible to get their coverage in a package deal. Many insurers offer policies that can be bundled together at a discount. Policies are also usually very flexible, with options that can be added on to the coverage or adjusted to help the consumer get a policy that is tailored to their individual needs.

Companies that work in the Australian media can find tons of information and free business insurance quotes when they shop online. Many websites offer services that are designed to help businesses fill their insurance needs. At these sites consumers can learn about their options and get a selection of quotes to help them comparison shop.

Public liability insurance for companies working in TV set and prop design and construction

Public Liablity Insurance AustraliaA lot of work goes into making a television program in Australia. Beyond what the viewer sees, there are teams of individuals working on a variety of jobs to make sure the program turns out right. One of the most important types of workers in the Australian television industry are the professionals that work in designing and construction the filming sets and props. These individuals apply a variety of creative and practical skills to help provide a TV show with the needed environment and background and for them where to get public liability insurance is an important and valid question.

While many of the individuals in this field find their jobs rewarding, designing and constructing sets is hard work. Along with it being hard work, the job also comes with some risks that might have the potential to cause problems for the set design company. Having public liability insurance can be a great way to protect the company in a situation where something may have gone wrong.

Many people don’t realize it, but a film set or a prop that doesn’t perform the way it is intended to could cause an injury, damage property or cause some other form of material loss. If something goes wrong with a prop or a piece of set construction, the company that helped to design and build the set pieces might be liable to pay damages. Public liability insurance can help to cover the costs of a legal defense and the cost of claims payments if these problems arise.

For a company that works is set design or prop management, a policy for public liability insurance will probably be necessary just to work with a TV producer. Finding adequate coverage to meet your professional obligations and protect your business can be achieved by making use of websites such as that specialises in selling business insurance. Many of these online resources can even help you comparison shop with online tools like their free insurance quote finders.